Hire Hiking Equipment Rentals


Lightweight hiking tents, available in one, two or three person options. Please let us know what size tent you require within the booking message upon booking. Tents are easy to set up and well ventilated to suite local conditions.

Hiking Pack

Well featured hiking packs include quality brands comfortable harness systems, different sizes and adjustments to suit a variety of body shapes. A great option if low on budget for your next trek.

Cooking System

Trangia - The original Swedish all inclusive alcohol style cook set. Durable, safe & easy to use. Hire includes fuel storage bottle. Cook up a storm with this tried and tested storm cooker!.

Sleeping Bag

Our hire bags are all synthetic with a hollow fiber insulation fill. hooded, double zips (one at the foot and other along the side). All bags include a sleeping bag liner. Comfort rating down to +5 degrees.

Dinner Kit

Include a plate, bowl, cup, cutlery and carry bag for containment. Made from a durable and lightweight BPA free plastic.

Personal Locator Beacon (PLB)

ACR Personal Locator Beacon. Hire an emergency locator beacon unit for your next adventure. Great peace of mind, if push comes to shove it may save your life!.

Trekking Tents, Hiking Packs, Sleeping bags, all inclusive Cooking systems to Dinner kits, or a Personal locator beacon. Hire one or all major items required for your next trekking adventure.