Canoe & Kayak Hire Rentals

Sit-on Single

Sit on top kayaks are probably the most user friendly style of kayak available. Great for anyone who wants to experience paddling weather it be on lakes, rivers or the ocean. Jump on, fall off… no problem these kayaks are self draining, off you go!.

Sit In Single

Stay a little drier with a sit in style kayak. A large cockpit for ease of getting in and out. comfortable seating adjustable footrests, light and easy to handle on and off the water

Sit on Double

Easy to handle and robust, these kayaks are well suited for Lakes, slow moving rivers and excel at the beach. Great for a day trip or for the extended family holiday.

Canoe two person

Our Mad River Canoes (Journey 156) will handle most anything. A three layer construction lighter than most plastic canoes and far more durable than composite options. A great hire canoe, most suited to rivers and lakes.

Sea Kayak Single

Single Sea Kayaks specifically designed for ocean touring. Featuring, bulk heads for storage, spray skirts to keep water out of the cockpit and a rudder system to assist keeping a straight line.

Sea Kayak Double

Explore some of Australia's best sea kayaking right here in North Queensland. Hire a double sea kayak and share this experience island hopping with a friend or partner or family.

Training Ski Single

The Crosstrainer (CRT) is arguably the best entry level fitness craft on the market with unparalleled stability balanced with a great cruising speed allowing anyone to get fit on the water.

Training Ski Double

Paddle the CTR with a friend, partner, family member or any other adventurous soul wanting to hit the water. Its ultra-stable making it fantastic for family’s but is also the boat of choice for Adventure Racers worldwide. Specs - Weight 25kg, Length 4.8m, Width 70cm, Capacity 220kg

Racing Ski Single

The Spirit Racing Ski (plastic PE) is Designed for superior performance. The Ski is the worlds first PE racing ski with built in wave deflector. Specifications - Weight 18kg, Length 4.96m, Width 51cm, Capacity 100kg.

Performance Racing Ski

Developed utilising innovative design concepts ensuring premium performance for speed in both ocean and river paddling. Specifications - Weight 19kg, Length 5.67m, Width 50cm, Capacity 110kg

Trailer Canoe/Kayak

This trailer comfortably carries four canoes or kayaks, has a paddle box for storage, adjustable rego board to suite kayaks of varied lengths. Brake plug adapter for main types of plugs and a specific lock to secure the trailer.