Racing Ski’s Rentals

CTR single

The Crosstrainer (CRT) is arguably the best entry level fitness craft on the market with unparalleled stability balanced with a great cruising speed allowing anyone to get fit on the water. Durability and toughness to take on anything the most experienced of paddlers can throw at it all packaged up to allow a complete novice to enjoy the same experiences.


CTR double

Paddle the CTR with a friend, partner, family member or any other adventurous soul wanting to hit the water. Its ultra-stable making it fantastic for family’s but is also the boat of choice for Adventure Racers worldwide. Specs - Weight 25kg, Length 4.8m, Width 70cm, Capacity 220kg


Racing Ski

The Spirit Racing Ski (plastic PE) is Designed for superior performance. The Ski is the worlds first PE racing ski with built in wave deflector. Specifications - Weight 18kg, Length 4.96m, Width 51cm, Capacity 100kg.


Performance Racing Ski (PRS)

Developed utilising innovative design concepts ensuring premium performance for speed in both ocean and river paddling. Specifications - Weight 19kg, Length 5.67m, Width 50cm, Capacity 110kg


Hire Single and Double racing ski’s for training or next adventure race. Durable Poly Ethylene construction, offering slightly more stability than composite options, suited for river and ocean. These craft are designed specifically with adventure racing in mind. Why buy when you can rent!.