Image of FIDLOCK HERMETIC DRY BAG MINI for sale at Adventure Equipment Australia.
The HERMETIC dry bag mini was designed for the small but important things in life, such as keys: safe and secure against water and dust. An additional band allows for the mini dry bag to be toted anywhere you go. The moment you put something in a FIDLOCK dry bag and let go of the opening, the contents are already protected against moisture, dust and even the finest sand. Your bag is not just sealed, it is HERMETICALLY sealed meaning its is air tight and waterproof to 30 metres matching the waterproof rating of IPX8. For small valuables 100% water and sand proof No interference with electronics and cards Gooper magnetic self-closing seal Waterproof to 30 metres Lanyard in Black included Touch screen compatible Dimension: 100 x 70 mm Weight: 35g
$ 36.95

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